5 Makeup Products You Need To Carry While Travelling

5 Makeup Products You Need To Carry While Travelling

 Jul 06, 2017

After long tiring months at work, you crave for relaxing vacations. Travelling add spice to our lives. If you are planning a trip to some colder place or to some far flung summer islands, there are some essentials you always need to carry. The first thing that comes to your mind before travelling is packing right. Of course, you simply cannot carry tones of luggage because of your comfort and convenience while travelling but you will always need more than what you’ll just be wearing. Therefore, choose wisely what you need the most. You constantly need to look good and looking good comes only when you have some really cool makeup products in your travelling bag.

While I’m travelling, I’ll make sure that I am not loaded with bags. I’ll prefer to stay light and care free. The travelling kit should be handy and portable at the same time. It will become handy only when it has necessary goodies in it such as wallet, sunglasses, cosmetics, lesser clothing items, water bottle etc. There are some of the cosmetic products I’ll take along for sure and without them, I simply cannot think of travelling.

    1. Moisturizer:

      This is one thing that I will surely not forget because I have a dry skin and it becomes irritable when I don’t treat it right. I always take along some good moisturizing lotion which instantly hydrates my skin and give it a smooth and soft look. So a travel sized moisturizer is must in my bag. You can thank me afterwards!

    1. BB cream/Foundation:

      A BB cream is one of those essential products that makes you feel better and gives your face an even, vibrant and a flawless look. Most BB creams act as skin perfectors, moisturizers and also as a sun-screen. So it is a complete package and a thing I will definitely take along because looking amazingly flawless matters the most.

    1. Mascara:

      I am a real fan of water proof volumenizing mascaras. Since I’m not blessed with longer beautiful lashes like most of the other girls are. This one mini sized bottle can make your eyes pop and shine brighter in all its naked glory. We all need mascaras whether we are going on a party or to a work place. Just few coats and there you go!

    1. Lipstick:

      Lipstick is that one piece of makeup that can uplift a tired looking face in a matter of seconds. So it’s a good idea to carry one always. Where lipstick adds moisture to your lips, it also adorns your face and gives you a very fine look. There are so many in the stores so grab whatever you like, matte or the glossy.

  1. Fragrances:

    We girls mostly are nutty about fragrances and perfumes. While travelling you should opt for the scent which goes for all occasions. The small travel sized perfume bottle won’t take much space in your bag and will never spill or seep out and you can smell lovely all day long.

So guys, these are those five makeup essentials you should always carry along. But yes options vary from person to person. These only five make-up essentials, when applied, can make you look more glamorous and you’ll be ready to slay Shine brighter.

Let go off the people who don’t value you

How does it feels thinking about the past,thinking about all the pain you endured when you couldnt but you succeeded.You didnt die but you lost one thing,you gave up trusting people.When u took off the mask of goodness that you were wearing since you were born,you realized this world is much selfish place and the people inhabiting it are self centered conceited haitual liars that turn up to you  only when they need you,when they are out of choices.For them you are just a time pass and when the conditions become favorable they’ll step on you as if you were a crumpled piece of tissue, without realizing you gave your heart to them, without realizing you had put all ur feelings and emotions when you were with them.They’ll never value your  feelings your thoughts infact they’ll take you for granted,so its wise not to hand over your sensitive heart to the ones u encounter in ur life.Instead wait for the right person who will cherish your thoughts,your personality and most importantly he will always be there standing right beside you when you’ll be needing him the most till then enjoy with your friends and dont let your heart over take your mind otherwise you’ll end up messing your life. Cheers!

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Sharing my heart out!

Bad mood,bad health,bad happenings,bad people,messed up feelings,no time,least care,effed up life……i cry over this stuff oftenly.Why do people get busiest when they do job? they dont even get time for family friends their loved ones.Indirectly they are effecting themselves and their family too.i miss that time when we used to discuss each and every thing each and every lamey stuff and now we hardly get time to tell the daily happenings.Life can be unfair and uncertain at times but deep down i know you are going through all these hardships just because of me and i respect you for that too but at the same time i also miss being so close with you,i miss our closeness,endless laughter,long calls,lamey chat and study talks.

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Dream destination ;)


One day it will happen insha Allah.Time will come when I’ll see the magnificent beauty of Paris and Eiffel tower .The idea of someone proposing you in front of Eiffel tower is thoroughly enthralling and captivating! Wish my future hubby takes me there and proposes me all over again *desire rolling out from the core of my heart*

Selfish world

people used to tell me that this world is a selfish place,you dont have to be nice and sweet to everyone because they’ll take advantage of your sweetness and will left you all alone when you want their help.they will trick u and look at you with scorn and contempt when you are falling in pit.They dont deserve your sweetness,all they deserve is shut up call constantly.People can be alot more deceptive than you can comprehend so just dont reach to conclusion directly just after first meeting.But there are also the people in your life whose existence is some what very mandatory,they’ll hold your finger through all the possible odds of your life and will take you out from all worries and troubles within a second.Its because of people like them you want to live,you want  to enjoy and you want to face all the hardships with courage and dignity by keeping your head high!

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How I spend my off day!

Sipping a cup of tea or coffee, curled up in your cosy comfy bed under the heaps of quilt with novel in one hand is something heavenly for me.It gives you escape from dull drab monotonous life and takes you to some other realm.It soothes you,relax your mind and soul aswell.This is how i spend my day when there is off from university.

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Its one of the latest novel I read by judith mac naught ..one amazing and thoroughly captivating till the end .As the name suggests it is some romantic story which it actually is! Judith has been blessed with bringing the best out of the people who are madly in love Royce and Jennifer.
The story is based on the era when there were dukes and duchess in England and Scotland ,a beautiful magnificent novel showing love,anger,hatred and romance at the same time..a magical love  that will swipe you from your feet.wpid-img_20141129_1709391


with the thoughts that tangle me
with the words that captivate me
i dream of u in a way
that seems vague even to me
you make me laugh
u make me cry
u make me love u
u make me hate u
with all this contrasting avalanche of emotions
i am failing to understand what my treacherous heart wants
is it love or a silent good bye!